The Anastasia Way


Since the reopening of her store on May 19, Anastasia Chatzka has been working on creating a different kind of shopping experience. Her idea of a store focused primarily on selling custom-made garments is pretty novel and can be a bit daunting, but all it takes is an idea and a willingness to make it come to life.

Once you have a fairly good grasp on what you want, the first step is the preliminary appointment. This is the first time you will talk to Anastasia about your idea, and coming with visions for the color, fabric, pattern, and form of the garment will make things super easy. When you first come into the store, the wall of muslin mock-up pieces will be on the wall to your right. Now, this is one of the most fun parts of the process: depending on what you want to create, you’ll be able to take different pieces from the wall and mix and match them to make your vision a reality.



Starting on the farthest left are the sleeves: long, bell, butterfly, cuffed. Next are the bodices, from which you can choose from lots of options, and at this point, you can pick which kind of collar you want. To the right of that are the skirts. This is the section with the most variation and it only takes a quick look around the store to notice that Anastasia loves her skirts. There are long pieces: trumpet, mermaid, A-line. There are short skirts, knee-length, and tea length skirts. You can add ruffles or create a pencil-like or gathered silhouette. Finally, nearest the door are the dresses: shift, fit and flare, strapless.



After you finish taking it all in, you can dive right in, taking pieces off the racks and putting them together however you want. And don’t forget about all the fun details! You’ll be able to add extras like pockets, flowers, ruffles, and so much more! It’s your chance to create a piece of clothing that reflects exactly who you are, and everything you could want is at your fingertips, so don’t hold back!


By now, you’ve figured out what you want. Ok, and maybe tried a few things that you’d NEVER wear, just for fun – it’s okay, no one’s judging. At this point, Anastasia will fit the garment on your body, which will hopefully eliminate the need for additional fittings. Once all the decisions about the garment have been made, including color and fabric, the appointment is done!


Depending on the size and complexity of your garment, it could take anywhere from one to three weeks to complete. During this time, you’ll have to wait (as patiently as you can) for a call from us. If absolutely necessary, you might need to have an additional fitting to double check that the garment fits you perfectly. As soon as your clothes are done, we will call to let you know and you can come pick it up at your earliest convenience! Not only do we guarantee the sparkly look in your eyes when you first lay eyes on your new garment, we also guarantee that it will get home safely in a custom Anastasia Chatzka garment bag.

Once you bring it home and start to wear it, tag us in your Instagram pictures of you and your garment so that we can keep up with all of your – and its – adventures! Happy wearing!

Written by Miranda Marnik-Said

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