• The History of the 50's Circle Skirt

    The History of the 50's Circle Skirt

    The legacy of the circle skirt is one that still continues successfully today. Read on to discover the origins of this classic style, from the New Look to poodle skirts and swing skirts.
  • Donovan Mitchell: The "Spida" Suit

    Donovan Mitchell: The "Spida" Suit

    Last night were the ESPYs and we had the privilege of helping to create Donovan Mitchell’s “Spida” Suit. Read on for pictures of the process and a little background about why he wore this on the Red Carpet!
  • The Basics: Sewing Machine Needles

    The Basics: Sewing Machine Needles

    Whether you’re a sewing beginner or seasoned pro, choosing the right sewing machine needle for your project can be overwhelming. This guide will help you figure out exactly which machine needle is right for your project, as well as why. Also, how often do you REALLY need to change the needle?? It’s not as often as you might think.
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