Anastasia Chatzka - Chicago Fashion Designer & Sewing Classes

Whether you're wanting to learn to use a sewing machine to hem pants, to sew a pattern, alter, upcycle, and tailor your wardrobe, or design your own clothes, this is the place. You'll love our sewing classes, and you'll love all the new things you learn to do!

Need something custom made and amazing? Get in touch! We've made everything from red carpet gowns to men's art jackets to scuba suits. Whether you want a unique outfit for your birthday or help prototyping a product, we can help.

Download digital sewing patterns, print them out, and sew up your own clothes at home! It's so much fun because you can make them in whatever fabric you please, and even modify them to make them all your own!

Hi! I'm Anastasia Chatzka! I believe fashion should be fun, socially responsible, sustainable, exciting & add an extra element to your personality. By shopping custom made, upcycling & DIY we can achieve those goals. We are all so unique & have our own style. We don't need to sacrifice the earth with our fashion choices. Want to know more about me?

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