I don’t know about you, but when I think of polka dots, I immediately think of Minnie Mouse. Her iconically adorable look is pretty much what made the print famous, and its popularity still carries through to today. Polka dots of all shapes and sizes are very in right now, and this is arguably one of the easiest prints to experiment and have some fun with.

Here at the Anastasia Boutique we have lots of garments with polka dots - from shorts to dresses to skirts to bralettes! The newest polka dot piece is this awesome pencil skirt pictured below. This skirt is perfect for teachers going back to class and looking for something cute yet conservative to wear in the classroom. It can also be rocked by all those ladies working hard at their 9-5, looking for a way to dress it up while still keeping it workplace appropriate. This skirt has the length to keep you covered, but its great print and look are sure to make you known as the fashionista around whatever workplace you may find yourself in. 

If this skirt isn't your thing, stop in to the Anastasia Boutique to browse our other polka dot garments. And if polka dots aren't your thing, we'd encourage you to give it a try, but  not to worry because there are plenty of other prints here in the boutique that you're sure to try and fall in love with. Just stop in and let us play dress-up with you! Wouldn't Minnie Mouse love that?

Stay playful, fashionistas!





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