Are you uptown or downtown?

On the Sew Anastasia YouTube channel, we’ve posted some awesome videos featuring two different looks: uptown and downtown. Traditionally, uptown is the residential part of a city, away from the commercial center, while downtown is the business center. Here in Chicago, the lines of uptown and downtown are pretty blurred; every neighborhood seems to have unique businesses and homes to offer, and of course everyone has such great style! In our latest videos, we tried to honor Chicago’s blurred lines and showcase the amazing style we see everyday, whether we’re uptown or downtown. Check out both of the videos in the links below!

Whatever style you identify with, Anastasia doesn’t discriminate - at the boutique, we have great clothes for you no matter if you’re an uptown or downtown girl. Stop in to the boutique today to find your perfect look, and know that whether you’re wearing it uptown, downtown, or all over town, you are definitely going to look #SoAnastasia.




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