Gentlemen, do you want to learn how to make your own tie? Ladies, want to learn how to make the perfect gift for your brother, dad, or that special someone? Then head on over to Anastasia’s YouTube channel to check out the latest episode of Sew Anastasia! This week Anastasia teaches you how to make a skinny tie - the perfect accessory for any gentleman wanting to look his best, or for any lady who wants to play with a little androgynous flair. Whether you want to make it as a gift or wear it yourself, Anastasia takes you step by step through the process of making this classic menswear staple. Check out the video via the link below!

As always, if you simply don't have time to make a tie even with Anastasia's helpful instructions, just stop on over to the boutique and check out our selection of ties Anastasia has already made! And don't forget - custom is always an option.

Stay classy, fashionistas!





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