For this weeks #musicmixanastasia we are promoting one of our favorite Chicago bands.



Anastasia experienced them at Empty Bottle last week with another one of our favorite bands, Fake Limbs. Salvation is a punk/garage rock band, with a really powerful and loud sound.  When listening to
Salvation you get a sense of nostalgia, their sound reminds us of angtsy teenagers in the 90's..  You can definitely hear influences from bands like Nirvana in their music, this is their own take on 90’s grunge music.  This show was to celebrate the release of their newest album, Sore Loser.  Sore Loser was recorded completely live which showcases their raw vocals and instrumentation.
  Listening to Sore Loser is like experiencing their live show all over again. Another reason why we love them is that they are with Forge Again Records, which is a DIY record label based in Chicago. We are always on the hunt for new local bands and we love to support Chicago based musicians and venues.  If you guys are in a local band or know of one that we should check out, let us know in the comments or shoot us an email. Check these guys out, you won’t regret it!







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