How many weddings have you been to so far this summer? If you’re like most people, summer means wedding season. After a few weddings, we start to run out of unique pieces to wear to each one. One of the cardinal rules of fashion is to never repeat an outfit, so we can’t just wear the same exact thing to everyone’s wedding. Not only is it fun to mix up your look so it’s never the same, it’s basically a necessity.

This week I want to talk to all the guys out there. That’s right, the Anastasia brand is not just for women! Not only does Anastasia offer custom suiting and tailoring for men, she offers a variety of accessories just for the fellas - including these awesome bow ties! What better way to mix up your wedding look than by wearing a unique bow tie to each special day you attend this summer? Bow ties with a unique and eye-catching print are a conversation starter, and they’ll make you the talk of your table at the reception. And where were these great bow ties made? You guessed it - right here in Chicago by Anastasia herself. When it comes to your formal accessories, looking great and keeping it local can go hand in hand! Stop in to the Anastasia Boutique today to check out our selection of bow ties, neck ties, and even pocket squares and pocket flowers in a variety of prints and fabrics. Be the best dressed gent at every event this summer!

Keep it local fashionistas (and fashionistos)!




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