If you follow Anastasia on social media, you probably saw all of her pictures from her trip to New York City this past week! We are super jealous of her getaway to the big apple, but lucky for us, she told us all about it! This week we sat down with Anastasia for a quick rundown of all the amazing places she went while she was in the city. Here’s what she told us:

Q: What were some of your favorite places you went while you were in New York?

A: I went to a really cool bar called Smith & Will’s. It’s like a little oyster bar in a basement. We stayed at the Yotel, which is one of the weirdest looking hotels I’ve ever stayed at. I went to Premiere Vision, which was awesome like it always is! We went vintage shopping at a place I always like going to called Beacon’s Closet. That was so fun. I went to Mercer Street Kitchen one night for dinner, which was delicious. We went to a restaurant in Brooklyn called Sage, too. But my favorite place was Sunshine Laundromat.

Q: What was special about the laundromat?

A: It’s a laundromat in the front, and has a couple pinball machines, too. Then there’s a door in the back, and when you go through there’s an entire pinball arcade! It’s my favorite place ever.

If you didn’t know, one of Anastasia’s favorite things in the whole world is pinball. We are so not surprised she went to a pinball arcade, and it sounds so cool that we want to go, too!





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