Looking for your new perfect lunch spot? Look no further! This week we’re talking about a great place called Janik’s Cafe. Janik’s was opened in 2003 by Felippa and Wayne Janik. They offer all-day breakfast, catering, a great menu of salads, soups, pasta, sandwiches, wraps, and desserts, plus a wonderfully quaint environment where you can really enjoy not only the food, but the company you’re with. This little spot at 2011 West Division Street has become a favorite of everyone at the Anastasia Boutique, from the interns to Anastasia herself, her favorite sandwich being the turkey avocado (it’s mine, too). We've all been known to go to Janik's for a salad or sandwich, so look for some of us Anastasia girls when you stop in to try for yourself!

Stay hungry, fashionistas!

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