Hey all you studious, smart fashionistas! Are you ready to go back to school? It’s August now, which means really soon it’s going to be time for everyone still studying to get back in those classrooms and hit the books. This week we sat down with Anastasia to talk about her favorite part of going back to school. If it’s almost time for you to return to higher learning, keep these in mind to focus on the best parts of going back to class! If your school days are behind you, take a minute and reminisce with us about the good old days.

Q: What was your favorite part about going back to school?

A: I think I thought buying supplies and new clothes was always really fun. Having a fresh start to the new year was great. I always really liked seeing what classes I was going to get, too.

Q: What’s your most memorable first day of school outfit?

A: I think when I was in elementary school I had this orange and white floral romper - it had like a skirt over it. I don’t really remember it too much, but it was cute.

It sounds cute! Wouldn’t you buy that now? I know I want one! At the Anastasia Boutique, whether you’re going back to school to learn or to teach, we have garments and styles sure to make you the talk of your school, campus, or teacher’s lounge. Stop in today and let us help you find your perfect back to school look!





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