Anastasia Boutique/Atelier 3-Year Damen Ave Anniversary

August 29, 2016
Anastasia Boutique/Atelier

3 years, 1096 days (1 leap day), 50+ photoshoots, 2000+ Anastasia garment tags sewn, 3 hotel + 1 restaurant project(s) completed, 1000's of garments sold, hundreds of custom client projects fulfilled, and millions of stitches sewn... This and so much more has gone into making the past 3 years some of the BEST in the past 9 years of business. Therefore – let’s celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the Anastasia Boutique/Atelier in Ukraine Village with an in-store cocktail party!

Join me on Friday, September 9 from 4-8 PM for a Late-Summer Cocktail Evening at the Anastasia Boutique/Atelier – 1001 N Damen Avenue.

RSVP here!

Now is the time to pick up that one-of-a-kind Anastasia garment you have been wanting all summer long. All party guests will have the rare opportunity to shop some of Anastasia Chatzka's most coveted limited edition and custom-made garments at up to 50% off. So grab a fun new dress for that late-summer wedding or pick up a new top to show off your hard earned tan.

Most importabtly – this is an opportunity for me, Anastasia, to thank you – my amazing clients, neighbors, social media followers, Sew Anastasia Youtube-ers, and Chicago fashion fans alike. It’s only with the support, patronage, and love of fashion that I am able to keep progressively growing year-to-year.RSVP by September 7th, 2016. To RSVP, please email your name and guest(s) names to

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