So where does Anastasia go to hangout on the weekends, answer emails during the week, and network with other industry professionals? We would like to introduce you to Soho House. This exclusive hot spot for up-and-coming fine art entrepreneurs is the place to go, but you can only get inside if you are a member or a friend of a member. All members have access to the rooftop pool, fully equipped gym, fine dining/bar, and the luxurious cinema lounge. If you are not a member of Soho House, you are still able to enjoy the downstairs bar which is just as elegant as the membership areas - The Allis . Many industry events are hosted at Soho House, including fashion shows and music events. Anastasia’s best friend, Sean Moran, is a member at Soho House, and together, they work on upcoming projects for the Anastasia brand. If you are ever looking for a place to network, hangout, or work, become a member at Soho House.

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