Happy Saturday everyone! At the Anastasia Boutique we are obsessed with Japanese fashion. We love the extreme, avant-garde styles and the over accessorized looks. Anastasia incorporates Japanese street style at her boutique with colorful tights, fun jewelry, and cute socks from Japan retailers. While all of our garments are made in Chicago, we do like to incorporate some of our favorite accessories into our fashions, which happen to be from Japan. Fun, colorful, and vibrant garments are the epitome of Japanese street fashion, as well as the Anastasia Brand. Last year, we were featured in co-Trip, which is a Japanese travel guide. co-Trip helps Japanese tourists navigate Chicago by featuring popular restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and all other things touristy. The travel guide is written in all Japanese and features a short summary of the Anastasia Boutique. We are hoping to work with co-Trip again and other Japanese businesses to help grow our brand in Japan. We will keep you all updated on any upcoming projects we have regarding Japanese street style.


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