Q: What is an Anastasia Girl?

A: An Anastasia Girl is a brand ambassador for the Anastasia company. You will promote, flyer, and hand out personalized Anastasia business cards in your city. An Anastasia Girl will have their own promo code on their business cards that clients can use towards their Anastasia purchases (online & in-store). Anastasia Girls must embody the Anastasia brand which means you should be energetic, out-going, and hard-working. Make sure to research the Anastasia brand by following Anastasia Chatzka on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Q: What are the perks of being an Anastasia Girl?

A: The perks of being an Anastasia Girl include a free skirt, a custom tote bag, a front-row invitation to all of our fashion shows and special events, and free clothes! In order to receive free clothes, clients must use your promo code on the business cards we give you. We are able to keep track of who uses your promo code and how many garments they buy through our online database. Each time someone uses your promo code, we will give you one (1) piece of clothing. The more people you style, the more free clothes you will receive! 

Q: Do I have to live in the city of Chicago?

A: You do not have to live in the city of Chicago. We will be able to communicate with you by phone or email and we will ship all promotional/marketing materials to you. We are accepting 5 girls from each city and no more! So Apply Today! 

Q: How do I apply to be an Anastasia Girl?

A: Please email anastasiachatzka@gmail.com with your name, email, phone number, age, and home address. Please provide us with a few photos of your style and tell us why you want to be an Anastasia Girl. Include any previous experience in promoting or distributing marketing materials, as well as if you have any experience in fashion retail. Let us know how you would promote the Anastasia brand and please provide us with your size so we can make a skirt that is tailored to your body. Lastly, email us the links to all of your social media accounts. 

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