Welcome back to #MUSICMIXANASTASIA! As you may already know, Chicago is known for hosting several music festivals during the summer and our favorite one is located right in the city - Riot Fest. We've attended Riot Fest since 2012 and we are stoked for 2016 because each year gets bigger, better, and even more punk rock than the previous year. We love everything about this music festival (including the mud). Riot Fest exemplifies individuality, creativity, and everything punk which is #SOANASTASIA. Anastasia's favorite band that performed at RF 2015 was L7 because they were part of the Riot Grrrl movement and they, along with other Riot Grrrl bands, inspired Anastasia's fashion designs growing up. Like we've said before, there is definitely a connection between music and fashion, and if you go to Riot Fest you will witness it firsthand. Riot Fest is held in Chicago and Denver, so for those of you who live in Colorado or its surrounding states can enjoy the stellar music festival without the lengthy travel. Check out Riot Fest's website below and stay hardcore. 

Riot Fest


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