Welcome back to #SOTRENDY. Today, we will announce a few of our upcoming projects with Celine Neon! Both members of the group, Maggie and Emily, stopped into our boutique a couple days ago to try on clothes and to get measured for their custom garments. We have a pre-party photo shoot with Celine Neon next week which we are so excited about because we get to style them again! Anastasia will be making custom outfits for their acoustic performance at our Website Launch Party on March 26th. These outfits are going to showcase the glamourous, energetic, and gritty chic feel of Celine Neon. We can't wait to show you pictures and we hope to see you at the Website Launch Party - more details will be announced later this week! Check out the pictures Celine Neon in Anastasia garments below. Hope you like them as much as we do! XOXO



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