Happy Friday Everyone! At the Anastasia Boutique we support local businesses and carry many locally made products. We believe that supporting other small companies benefits the community as a whole. Our jewelry, apothecary, and accessories are all designed by Chicago artists. Chicago Candle Co. is one of the many local businesses we support and we are absolutely obsessed with their candles. We always sell out of their candles because they feature unique scents like Gin & Rosemary, Barrel Aged Bourbon, Whiskey Ginger, and Honey Bourbon. All of the soy-based candles are contained in used wine bottles, which is awesome! We sell 11oz and 4oz candles in a variety of scents. The 11oz candles burn for 65 hours and the 4oz candles burn for 22 hours which is very impressive. If you would like to check them out or purchase any of these candles, stop by the Anastasia Boutique! We sell all 11oz candles for $38.00 and all 4oz candles for $14.

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