Welcome back to #MUSICMIXANASTASIA. We are happy to announce that our featured band for the month of March is Celine Neon! Celine Neon is a Chicago based electro pop group created by Emily Nejad and Maggie Kubley. The group is known for their energetic, gritty, and undeniably fun performances. They are changing the music game with their empowering lyrics and music videos. They embody the Anastasia fashion because of their fun, colorful, and vibrant outfits. We are so excited to collaborate with them on photo shoots, fashion events, and other upcoming projects. Stay tuned for our Saturday blog post - #SOTRENDY. We will announce all up-coming Anastasia events, Celine Neon events, and share pictures of the duo in Anastasia garments. Check out their music video below and make sure to share with your friends. You can listen to Celine Neon songs by clicking on the links below or by finding them on Spotify. Trust me, you will love them. 

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