Learn to be a fashion designer in our fashion design classes! 🤩 Create your own designs and perfect their fit. All our fashion design classes meet weekly for 6 weeks.

Creating a pattern is the first step in making a new garment, and that's what you'll learn to do first in all our fashion design classes. Then you'll sew up a sample based on the pattern to see how it works. We offer 3 routes to go about it:

  1. Pattern drafting is the most popular way to go - you use measurements to draw (draft) the basic pieces ("slopers") to make up your garment. This lets you create a garment to your exact body shape and size. Those pieces can then be modified to create different styles.
  2. Draping instead starts by pinning fabric in the shape you want to a dress form. This lets you create more unusual shapes more directly. The shapes are traced and cleaned up into pattern pieces, which requires some pattern drafting skills.
  3. Dressmaking is our newest class that we created to give you a shortcut to custom dressmaking. For that class, we've drafted many pieces in many sizes for you to start with, so you get to your dress design faster.

Flat Pattern Clothing Design
 In this class you will learn the basics of pattern drafting . We will go over technique along with different styles that can be created with pattern drafting. We will start with creating the basic sloper which is the basic...
$ 355.00
Streetwear sewing class
Streetwear is a style of casual clothing. Casual, comfortable pieces such as jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and other loose comfortable fitting pieces. Streetwear has become so popular that it is now on the runway! It is not just for skaters, surfers, hip hoppers...
$ 425.00
Dress making 101
Have you been searching for the perfect dress pattern but cant find it? In this class we design a dress, make a sample, fit it then sew it out of final fabrics.  This is a follow-up class to Flat Pattern Clothing...
$ 355.00
Draping 101 Mastering The Basics
Learn how to drape with Anastasia Chatzka in her fashion design studio. This is a fast paced class that takes you through all of the basics of draping in 6 weeks. We meet once a week for 3 hours.  Starts:...
$ 355.00
Flat Pattern Clothing Design 2
In flat pattern clothing design 2 we further develop your pattern drafting skills. We will start out with creating a pant sloper pattern from scratch and then go over fitting and creating details for the pants. Pockets, waistbands, flys etc. This takes...
$ 355.00
Flat Pattern - Stretchy Knitwear Design
Think of all of the clothes you wear that are stretchy: T-Shirts, Leggings, Bathing Suits, Bralettes, Stretchy Slinky Dresses, Skirts, and tops. Designing those clothes requires special sloper blocks with no darts that will work with stretch fabric. Learn the...
$ 355.00
Sewing Class Gift Cards
Sewing class gift certificates are great for any occasion. Choose from the following options for your sewing friends. Be sure to select the correct gift certificate for them.  Sewing 101 $355.00 Pattern Drafting, Draping, Knitwear, Upcycling $355.00 Open Studio 2...
from $ 190.00
Lingerie Making 101
Join us sewing undergarments galore! Sewing lingerie is so much fun, and sew satisfying because they’re quick, cute, useful projects. Learn construction techniques for multiple types of bras and panties. You’ll get familiar with the fit, fabrics (oooh stretch lace...
$ 385.00
Swimwear Sewing 101
 Join us sewing swimsuits galore! Sewing swimwear is so much fun, and sew satisfying because they’re quick, cute, useful projects. Learn construction techniques for multiple types of bottoms, tops & 1 piece swim suits. You’ll get familiar with the fit,...
$ 385.00
T-Shirts & Stuff Sewing Class
Have you noticed nearly everything people are wearing is made of stretchy fabric? From leggings to joggers to t-shirts and sweatshirts to your socks and underthings, they've all got some stretch to them which that means you need to sew them...
$ 355.00
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