When you think of gingham, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is Dorothy’s blue gingham dress in The Wizard of Oz. Well we are definitely not in Kansas, but gingham is a big trend this season! And lucky for you, Anastasia has plenty of it!

One of our favorite pieces is this gingham hi-low crop top. It comes in multiple colors, and because of the hi-low hem, you can tie it in the back to give it a whole new look! If you really want to channel your inner Dorothy Gale, go for the light blue top and pair it with one of Anastasia’s high-waisted white skirts. For something a little more bold and daring, mix the pink gingham with a pair of green and white striped shorts. Since they’re pretty sheer, pair either of these colors with a bandeau underneath. These tops are super versatile and can be worn with a high waist or a low waist, depending on how much skin you want to show. Follow the yellow brick road to the Anastasia boutique to try one on today!



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