This week at #sewanastasia we are featuring one of Anastasia's amazing students, Christana.  Christana is an aspiring designer who has some serious talent, we can't wait to see her grow as a student.  She is Anastasia's newest interns, she is currently working with Anastasia in the design studio on alterations, sketching, and brushing up on her sewing skills.  She also assisted Anastasia in the construction of The Floral Shirt Dress pictured below.  We did an interview with her so you guys can get to know her and follow her progress as a student and designer.

I hear an accent, where are you from originally? I was born in Nigeria and I moved to London at the age of 11 to join my mother.  We relocated overseas In search of better financial opportunities. 
What brought you to Chicago? I moved to Chicago by myself a year ago to go to school, and pursue my career as a designer. I currently live in Hyde park and commute downtown for school.
What school are you going to? I am currently studying Fashion Design at the Illinois Institute of Art(Aii). 
When did you first know that you wanted to design? At the age of 21, after living with my aunt who was a seamstress.  She taught me a few things about sewing and drafting patterns, this truly helped to ignited the passion in me.
What is your dream job? My dream job would be to eventually work for myself and own my own fashion studio.  I would love to get involved in customized clothing, making customized garments for clients. This is why having Anastasia as a teacher will be so beneficial for me, she has been successful in this area of fashion. I hope to gain insights of how I can make this happen for myself after I graduate.
Who are your favorite designers? My favorite designers are Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Roland Mouret, Stella Jean.
What have you learned so far working with Anastasia? I have learned so much in the short time that I have known Anastasia.  Some things that we have worked on so far-polishing up the basic skills, learning about places to buy equipment at discounted rates, forcing my creative side to think and work more, and networking with people via events such as photoshoots.
Describe your style? Whats one of your go-to outfits? My style is very simple and minimal, no crazy patterns or colors for me.  One of my favorite outfits is a black body suit with dark high waisted jeans, I think this is a classic look and is comfortable to wear while I'm working.
Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration from various places, I often look to nature and art to get my creative juices flowing.  
When you aren't at school or the studio, what do you like to do for fun?   I enjoy yoga, meeting new people, shopping, and I do a lot of sewing in my spare time.
Check out Sew Anastasia's social media to check out Christana's projects and projects!

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