Faux fur is a staple everyone should have in their closets this fall and winter. If your interested in getting a custom garment made by Anastasia Chatzka, a faux fur jacket or coat is the perfect piece to order. What's great about faux fur jackets is that they're both chic and glamorous, yet functional enough to keep you warm from fall until winter. It is cozy, cool, and 100% cruelty-free, so what's not to love?


If you’re ever having trouble deciding what to wear to a specific event, incorporating faux fur into outfits can help guide you. A faux fur jacket is a versatile item that can be worn in many ways, from upscale to casual. It is a go-to piece that can elevate and enhance any outfit for any occasion.


If you’re attending a luxurious event, this is the perfect time to showcase that beautiful faux fur coat hanging in your closet. Take your special evening gown to the next level with a beautiful full-length fur coat in black, brown, or silver. Faux fur coats work well with long gowns, cocktail dresses, or elegant separates. This is the time to channel your inner diva, as long furs are dramatic and make a bold statement.

Night Out

If you’re going on a night out with friends or your significant other, liven up the traditional little black dress with a faux fur jacket or shawl. While traditional colors like black, dark brown, and gray are always a safe bet no matter the occasion, modern and playful looks with pops of color are your best friend when it comes to after-hours events. Daring colors like warm blues, hot pinks, dark reds, emerald greens, and even mixed patterns are becoming a staple in fur style.


While causal and fur may seem like direct opposites, there are many ways to wear fur for everyday occasions. Whether you’re running to the store or spending time with friends and family, your fashion style can still be fun and alluring. In these occasions, a slim fur coat or jacket is the way to go. For a laid-back fall look, you can wear a plaid button down shirt with a slim faux fur jacket and your favorite pair of pants and ankle boots. You can also pair a faux fur jacket with a crisp white shirt and blue jeans for added texture, along with your favorite worn down sneakers.

A Brief History of Faux Fur

Fake Furs were created a little over a century ago, with its first sightings in the 1910s. The faux fur industry was not prompted by compassion for animals, but rather the need for fabric manufacturers to make quick-and-easy money. Early on, faux fur was made out of pile fabric, a technique of looping leftover fibers from other fabrics like velvet, corduroy, plush and carpets to create faux fur. From 1919 to 1928, the United States government imposed a 10 percent tax on real fur as part of wartime measures, leading to a boon for pile manufacturers.

More realistic faux furs began to be created in the 1950s as technology improved. Silk was being used to create faux furs similar to leopard, gazelle, and mole, and eventually, synthetic pile fabrics like Orlon and Dynel were being used as well. By 1957, those manufacturing faux furs were beginning to develop fabrics to resemble mink, beaver, raccoon, pony, and giraffe.

In the 1960s, conservatives and activists started protesting the use of certain real animals for fur, particularly big cats. In 1968, members of the Audubon Society picketed in front of luxury fashion store Saks Fifth Avenue. At the time, they claimed not to take issue with the fur industry as a whole, simply the use of endangered animals. However, the attacks mounted over the next few years as activists broadened their missions to include all animals and their well-being.

The faux-fur industry saw this as an opportunity. In the early 1970s, E.F. Timme & Sons, a New York-based manufacturer of “Timme-Tation” fake furs, launched an ad campaign attacking the fur industry and promoting the use of faux furs. Doris Day, Mary Tyler Moore, Angie Dickenson, Jayne Meadows, and Amanda Blake gave quotes in the ad. "Killing an animal to make a coat is a sin," Day said. "A woman gains status when she refuses to see anything killed to be put on her back. Then she's truly beautiful…" This was the first attack in the fight between animal-rights activists and furriers that used celebrities as ammunition.

In an iconic 1994 campaign, PETA featured models Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford posing nude, promoting the slogan "I'd rather be naked than wear fur." This prompted bands like Calvin Klein to no longer use fur.

By the 1990s faux fur was more widely known and fur retailers and fur sectors in department stores began to close. Today faux fur is incredibly popular in fashion and preferred over real fur by millions. This gives brands the opportunity to give consumers great products and amazing styles.






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