If you’re like most fashionista’s in the city, you’re probably looking for a little guidance when it comes to adding must-haves to your summer wardrobe but you may be unsure of what exactly that “must-have” is. Have no fear, Anastasia is here!

Q: What is your must-have summer staple item?

Anastasia: A bralette for sure! I like wearing them as a shirt, maybe with a high waisted skirt or jeans. They keep you cool during the summer and it’s also the best way to wear least in public.

Q: How would you advise others to make the bralette work as a night outfit, rather than just a day look?

Anastasia: You can throw a sweater or cardigan on at night, bralettes can layer well with them, they are also just add a great pop of color in your everyday outfit!

To find your perfect bralette, stop by the Anastasia Boutique and dig through the variety of patterns and textures the store has to offer!



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