Welcome back to #MUSICMIX Wednesday! Hope you all are having a wonderful and productive week! This past Monday, we started collaborating with Music Garage Chicago. For those of you who have not heard of Music Garage before, it is one of the largest rehearsal facilities in the Midwest. When you first walk into Music Garage, you instantly receive good vibes from the staff and know that it is an awesome place to hang out and rehearse. The main entrance has a drum kit hanging from the ceiling, pictures of past and present musicians hanging on the walls, and music videos playing on a large screen above the front desk. Music Garage has monthly and hourly rooms that are available to rent out to the public. Each hourly rehearsal room is custom tuned and equipped with a full backline. Many local and distinguished artists rehearse here because Music Garage has the best equipment, an awesome staff, and is host to a community of hard-working musicians. We are so excited to work with them to bring fashion and music together. We have been seeking out musicians that rehearse at Music Garage because we know that they have the hottest up-and-coming bands. Music Garage helped us find our first band to style and perform at our next fashion event and we cannot thank them enough! If you want to check out their website, just click on the link below. Stay tuned for next week's blog post on our first featured band! 

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