Morning ladies! Last night we had a blast at our photo-shoot affair event here at our Wicker Park boutique. The night was filled with fantastic clothes, candy balloons, great music, photos, and lots of laughs. We even had the tremendous opportunity of meeting singer and guitarist of the hit band Santah, Vivian McConnell. Santah is an indie rock group that knows how to rock the night away. It is easy to drift away into your own world while listening to their music.This band met here in Chicago, Illinois where they all attended university together. Santah has released six albums, which can be found on Spotify, Youtube, and Pandora. However, if you have the opportunity to see them live I would jump at the opportunity. This indie rock group has toured the United States, as well as all throughout Canada. Vivian was full of great sprits and fun vibes. We rocked the night aways trying on clothes, taking fun photos, and creating memories that will last a life time.
So my friends I found the opportunity for you to jump at, Prom- a- Llama! Santah will be preforming at the Prom-a-Llama event Friday June 10, 2016 at Chop Shop and you are a invited to come rock the night away with all of us. It will be a night to get dressed up, listen to great live music, and dance the night away. This is not an event to miss. I’ll see you all there!

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