How many products can you find in a store these days that are made in America? It seems like even though we all want to support products that are made in America, everything these days is made in China or Bangladesh - not to mention the horrible factory conditions that these products are probably made in. That is why here at the Anastasia Boutique we pride ourselves on carrying Made in Chicago products. Not only are our clothes made here, but all the jewelry in our store was made in Chicago from local brands and designers! Today we're showcasing one of the local jewelry brands that we carry - Peerless Charm. 
Peerless Charm is a brand for “the socially conscious woman who loves fashion." This is an ethical company that is open about where the materials come from and how the products are made - how cool is that? Because of this all the jewelry pieces are unique and limited edition. You definitely will not find any similar pieces elsewhere, nor will you see anyone else around you wearing it! When rocking one of these lovely pieces, which range from earrings to bracelets to necklaces, you will truly be one of a kind. The owner, Lauren Malmquist, uses all gold in her chains, so it is high quality. Lauren’s pieces are truly timeless.
Stop in to the Anastasia boutique to put together a full outfit head to toe in made in Chicago products, including the amazing Peerless Charm jewelry! 

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