Sewing call! To all my Chicago based fashionistas who want to work with the one and only fashion designer, Anastasia Chatzka. Anastasia herself will be hosting sewing classes in her boutique to help all those future designers out there.  From complete beginner, to someone who just wants to be a perfectionist, she is ready to teach you all. Over the course of six weeks, every Monday 7pm - 9pm, you can learn how to work a sewing machine, make a dress, and fine tune every detail. These classes are tailored to each and everyone of you, and is calling your name. There are limited spots so grab it while you can! For a night of fun, colorful, learning make your way over to the Anastasia Boutique located in Wicker Park. To sign up email us at anastasiachatzka@gmail.com or call us at 586-610-4096!
Lets get sewing! 
Class Description:
Duration - 6 weeks
Start - May 16th / End - June 27th
Day - Monday's / Time - 7pm to 9pm
Cost - $180 per person for 6 weeks
Only 9 spots are available!!
Sewing Classes with Anastasia Chatzka

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