Have no fear ladies, Anastasia’s clothing line may be coming to a store near you. With plans of expansion of the horizon, Anastasia will be spreading the world with color with her artistic inspired designs, fun patterns, and vibrant colors. Here is what Anastasia had to say as far as spreading the color:
Q: Do you see expansion in your future? Or are you more interested in staying in with  your roots in the city of Chicago? 
  1. I am definitely interested in expanding the store. Having multiple stores, in multiple cities is a long term goal for the brand. Right now I am interesting in opening a second store in Nashville, Tennessee. Last year I visited Nashville and absolutely feel in love with the culture there, it is very art centric. Nashville would definitely be a great place to set roots next because they have great artistic bones. Right now the fashion there is very Boho and I would love to introduce my artistic inspired, rock and roll, and rich colors clothing to the culture there. 
Q. Would you ever expand outside of the United States? 
A. Of course, I would love to go to Tokyo! 
While expansion is on the horizon, Anastasia wants to make sure the company sticks to its roots of Chicago. Everything will still be made in Chicago. 
So ladies you heard it here first, make sure to keep your eyes out for the well loved brand as it spreads its color across the world. 
Anastasia Boutique Chicago
Anastasia Garments

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