This one is for all of my candle lovers out there. The ones who just gotta let it burn. Whether you are needing a romantic ambiance, some quiet time, or simply the sweet aroma filling your home. Chicago Candle Company has a candle for you. With over 10 different scents like Whiskey and Gignerale or Pear Vanilla Aperitif. You are sure to find the perfect scent for you. 

       Made in Chicago with 100% soy wax and 22 hours of burning time, you're getting a quality made in America candle. Featured in a beautiful dark olive green class, you can light them or use them as decoration. They are in-store at the Anastasia Boutique located at 1001 N. Damen Ave. The boutique is stocked with Chicago Candle Company's candles and other special items also made only in Chicago. So for the love of the flame; light your candle now!


Written by:

Savanah Saunders


Candle Co

Candle Co

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