Local Manufacturing


Made in America is important to our business. We are proud to say that all of our garments are manufactured in Chicago. Local manufacturing is imperative in producing high quality products made by skilled artisans. We believe that producing our garments locally creates a positive impact for our environment, workers, and clients. Our garments last for years because they are created by experienced sewers who take pride in their work. From selecting fabrics to client fittings at our boutique, we oversee the entire manufacturing process. By managing the whole operation, there is no extra mark-up or buyer we must purchase from. This results in high quality and price conscious goods. We do not believe in “Fast Fashion”. This term means products are produced quickly, purchased inexpensively by the buyer, and priced at a low cost for the consumer. While this may sound appealing, it can result in low quality products, overconsumption, environmental damage, and poor working environments in developing countries. 

Manufactured is not to be confused with mass quantity production. At Anastasia’s, we believe in small quantity manufacturing. We produce limited quantities in one specific style in order to offer a unique quality of products available. Anastasia designs all garments, hand drafts every pattern, and selects each fabric at her atelier in Wicker Park, Chicago. The only part of the process that leaves the atelier is the cutting and sewing of the size runs. This process is very time consuming and multiple hands are needed. All buttons and hemlines are hand-sewn by our talented artisans to construct a polished, completed garment. 

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