Custom Uniform Orders

Creating brand identity for our company, as well as for other Chicago businesses, is of paramount importance to us. Custom uniforms create a unique branding opportunity for businesses. Your employee’s uniforms will encompass your brand’s image and personality to create a distinctive and original look. Your custom uniforms will be exclusive to only your brand, and will never be a replica of past designs. At Anastasia’s, we believe that Chicago businesses succeed by supporting other local businesses. We are pleased to say that we have created uniforms for a variety of Chicago organizations. From nightclubs to hotels, we adjust to the specific needs of each brand.

If you are a business that would like to inquire about ordering custom uniforms, please follow the step-by-step process below.

Schedule an Appointment

During your appointment, Anastasia will conduct a consultation about your brand’s needs, style ideas, and fabric selection. Before your scheduled appointment, have an idea of how your brand will incorporate its personality and image in its fashion. Anastasia will be able to assist you on which fabric type and garment style will complement your brand in an advantageous way. You will need to schedule an appointment 2-6 months prior to the date when you need the custom uniforms made, to ensure there is enough time for Anastasia to design, create, and finalize your order. If you would like to schedule an appointment, call Anastasia at 586.610.4096 or email Anastasia at

Design, Sample(s) & Fitting(s)

A sample is constructed, fabrics are finalized, and the fitting process begins. After discussing the type of fabric and design you would like for your custom uniform, Anastasia will create a pattern draft of your uniform. Once you approve this draft, a sample garment will be constructed. After approving the sample garment, your employees will go through multiple fittings. Each employee will be have a uniform custom tailored to their body to ensure the garment fits properly. Expect to have your employees go through 2-4 fittings, depending on the complexity of your garment.

Garment Drop-off

Garment and alterations are complete, and final drop-off is scheduled. Anastasia and her team will drop-off the custom made uniforms at your company’s specified location.
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