Custom Garments
At Anastasia’s, we take pleasure in designing and creating unique looks for all of our clients. We understand that everyone has their own personality, style, and body type. Whether you are attending a formal event or you want an original piece of clothing for your every day, we relish in the opportunity to construct the perfect garment for you. We offer custom orders to our clients because we know there is nothing more flattering than something custom tailored to your own body. 

The Custom Order process is very simple. Below is the step-by-step process you will go through when ordering a Custom Garment by Anastasia. If you decide to order a custom garment, you must pay the full amount it costs to design, create, and produce the garment upon confirmation of your order.

Schedule an Appointment 

One fit custom

During your scheduled appointment, Anastasia will conduct a consultation about your needs, style ideas, and fabric selection. Come prepared with an idea of what you would like designed. Your measurements will be taken at this time, but can be altered during your fittings. Anastasia will also be able to assist you on which fabric type and garment style will complement your unique self. You will need to schedule an appointment 4-8 weeks prior to the date when you need the custom garment made, to ensure there is enough time for Anastasia to design, create, and finalize your order. If you would like to schedule an appointment, call Anastasia at 586.610.4096 or email Anastasia at

Design & Fitting(s)

A sample is constructed, fabrics are finalized, and the fitting process begins. Expect to have 2-4 fittings, depending on the complexity of your garment. Fittings will be held at Anastasia’s boutique in Wicker Park. Special accommodations can be made for at-home fittings or specified location fittings for an extra cost. When you come to your fitting make sure to bring the appropriate undergarments and shoes. These items can alter the style and shape of your completed outfit. 

Pickup Garment & Share

Garment and alterations are complete, and final pickup is scheduled. Pickup your garment at Anastasia’s boutique and share a photo of you in your new garment on social media using the hashtag - #soanastasia.
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