Whether you’re wanting to sew a pattern, upcycle or alter your wardrobe, make your own home decor, or make your own collection, this is the place to start!

In this beginner sewing class, you’ll learn to use a sewing machine, basic stitches, and fundamental sewing techniques and finishes used in modern sewing and garment construction. You’ll be walked through each techniques, step by step, as a small group, then you go back to your station and try them yourself!

As you work through the techniques, you’ll create a sample binder full of seam and technique samples to take with you with everything you’ve learned in it. That way, you can refer back to it when you’re working on a project and forget exactly what the difference between an "edge stitch" and "top stitch" is. 😵

Plus! (this is new and sew exciting), each week you'll also sew up a little project using your new skills! It's so fun to take something home you've just made yourself to show friends and family. 😊

Class meets once a week on Monday night for 6 weeks from 6-9pm. (We also offer a Sunday morning Sewing 101 class and Saturday morning.) 

This class covers:

  • Setting up and using a sewing machine
  • The fundamental stitches and what they're used for
  • Ways to finish seams and edges (hems)
  • What interfacing is and what it's for
  • How to sew fasteners (e.g. zippers, buttons, snaps)
  • The basics of serging
  • Reading and using a sewing pattern
  • And lots more (darts, pleats, gathering.. there's so much!)

Our classes are limited in size (and frequently sell out!). Each person has a station with a sewing machine reserved for them, so no refunds are offered on classes. If you miss a class, video tutorials will be provided that you can work through in your own time. If you know you'll be missing a class in advance, contact us and we'll see if there's a seat available in a nearby session you could attend.


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