For those of you who do not already know, It is event season here in Chicago! Yes Chicago actually has a season for events, June - August, because the weather here is absolutely beautiful! There is always something to do. Whether you are going to street festivals, food tastings, wine tastings, music festivals, movie in the park, and even fashion shows, there is always something to do! Because of this, I wanted to see if our favorite Chicago fashion designer was planning on hosting any of her own event. See what Anastasia has to say below: 


Q: With event season coming up, in Chicago, are you going to be hosting a lot, if any, events this summer? 


A:  Yes! We have lots of fun events planned, our next major event is called prom-a- llama. It is an adult prom where everyone can get all dolled up as if they were going back to prom. There is going to be live music, drinks, and great fashion. It will be hosted by Movers & Shakers at Chop Shop, Friday June 10, 2016.


More details: 

  • Doors open at 8pm          - Drinks          
  • Dancing                           - Great fashion     
  • Drinks 
  • Best dressed will be crowned prom king and queen who will receive gift baskets


Post to Instagram and tag @Sew Anastasia @Anastasia for a chance to win free tickets to this event, as well as the chance to win accessories for your prom dress. 


For more information visit: 1stwardevents.com 


We also host special events with different themes every couple of weeks at the Anastasia Boutique. A few events that we have done are a photo-shoot event, Champagne and barlettes, Galentines day, and so much more. We try to bring new experiences to our clients. A future event that we have coming up is Made in Chicago. Made in Chicago is going to reflect and educate our clients, and those that live in Chicago, why it is important to make Made in America products and why we pride ourselves on being Made in Chicago. 


Q: So who can come to these events and how do I sign up!? 


A: Everyone is invited! Email us your information at anastasiachatzka@gmail.com and   we will be sure to invited to join the fun! The events are always free with a special goody and a glass of bubbly waiting for you. 

Galentines Day


 Sounds like Anastasia as plenty of fun events that you do not want to miss out on! Sign me up!

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