Avoir Paris

My trip to Paris was over all an amazing experience. I recomend it to everyone. It’s one of those things in life that changes you forever. It’s like all of a sudden it’s not all text book material going in one ear & out the other. The 400 year old buildings are straight up in [...]

Valentines Day

A mear 30 degrees outside and the streets are filled with life. Hip hop dancers compete for the crowds coins & the boi at the Metro sells flowers for your loved ones. The stores are closed yet the sea of people keeps growing dispite the fridged air.


Today we ventured to Versailles! What an amazing place. I was ment to be royality of the 17th century.The clothes where detailed with lovely emblishments. The palace was so huge! Since they didn’t have cell phones I wonder how they ever found one another in such a huge place. I can’t even explain how huge [...]


Eating lunch at a cafe that calls it’s self American. Too funny!

All u can do is stare

The Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most amazing structures I have ever seen! It was really breathtaking. We also walked to Techen & ate cheese crepes.

A walk in the dark

Tonight we walked to the Eiffel Tower & ate crepes.

1,000,000 pieces of fabric

Fabric fabric fabric galore! Premier Vision is an overwhelming experience because of the sheer amount of fabric, print & color you see. It makes your brain go into overload. The possibilities are endless because if you can dream it & your pocket book has no bottom; it is an endless dream.

I made a few last [...]





Premier Vision

Today at Premier Vision was amazing! There is just so much to see; we still have half the show to see. Today I viewed knits, notions, embellishments, manufacturing & lace. Today at the show I ran into Jean-Paul Lespagnard. Jean-Paul worked at Anna Sui with me, and now lives in Bruxelles, Belgium. What a small world!!! It [...]