Come take a sewing class with me

Sewing Classes in Wicker Park Fashion Design Studio

Taught by Designer Anastasia Chatzka

Studio location
1259 N. Milwaukee
Floor 3
Chicago IL 60622

What will we sew?
There will be two types of classes. One for people who have never worked on a sewing machine before (sewing 1) and one for intermediate and advanced sewers (sewing 2)

These classes are designed to help take your creative ideas in design and sewing to the next level. Since all students are at a different level each person will be working on something different. We will access your level of skill on the first day with a small project.

Maybe you want to learn how to make cocktail dress? Maybe you want to learn how to make pillows for the house. Maybe you want to make a fancy dress? Perhaps couture? The options of learning fashion design and sewing are endless. This is the fun exciting part of design. I would like to help you put your ideas to life

Sewing 1
This class is taught on Thursday evenings from 6-9pm
Class starts on Jan 7th and runs through Feb 25th.
This class is 8 weeks long and 24 hours of learning to be exact.
Cost $240.00

Supplies? You will be given a supply list once you register for class.

Sewing 2
This class is taught on Monday evenings from 6-9pm
Class starts on Jan 4thth and runs through Feb 22nd.
This class is 8 weeks long and 24 hours of learning to be exact.
Cost $240.00

Anastasia Chatzka
Frequently Asked Questions
About Sewing Classes

Do I need to know how to sew?
Nope. That means Sewing 1 is for you ?

Do I need my own machine?
It is preferred that you bring your own machine so that you can become familiar with how it works. If you do not have one there are industrial machines or home sewing machines available to use.

Who takes these classes?
Anyone. There is not an age too young or old to perfect your skill at design and sewing.

What if I have to miss a couple of classes?
You can set up a time to come in and catch up on your work.

Where are they held?
At Anastasia Chatzkas design studio space in Wicker Park. She works in a 1500Sqft loft space that was once a sewing factory in the early 1900’s. It still has the tin ceilings and sky lights.
1259 N Milwaukee

How do I register?
With an email or by stopping in the retail store.1740 W. Division
Is my class fee refundable?
Registration is limited to a maximum of 6 registered students per time slot. Due the small class sizes, no refunds will be provided in full or in part after a session begins
Payment is due at time of registration.

You may pay by: cash, check, or you may use PayPal to register with a credit card.

Who is Anastasia Chatzka?
Anastasia Chatzka is a Chicago designer with a broad creative scope and a boundless interest in what garment design can be. As a designer, she conceives highly innovative and developed work that is not always in keeping with the tendencies of American fashion. While confident in her ability to design for anyone, she openly admits that she is her own ideal client: a person craving garments which are thoughtfully designed, full of color, and made with rich, mostly natural fibers.
Anastasia’s work is informed by many of the ideas that emerged during the 1960’s: individuality, freedom, and change. In the mid-1990’s, a twelve year old, Beatles-obsessed Anastasia had a hard time finding a pair of bell-bottoms at her local Detroit mall. Instead, she set to work at home to make a pair of her own, teaching herself to sew in the process, and beginning her career as a designer as a result. From that point on she continued to make clothes and experiment with the idea of making anything wearable. Using anything from twenty-five cent toys to pieces of shopping carts, Anastasia practiced innovation as the first rule of design. Later in high school she sought draping lessons from a tailor and began setting up at music venues during shows, selling what she’d made. After finishing high school, Anastasia attended several design schools and eventually graduated from the International Academy of Design in Chicago. Since then she has worked with some of the best and most innovative designers in the world, including Betsy Johnson and Anna Sui. In 2007, after returning to Chicago from Anna Sui in New York, Anastasia decided to concentrate solely on her own company, Anastasia Chatzka.
Anastasia draws upon her training and experiences to produce garments imbued with haute-couture craftsmanship and intelligence while remaining true to the street-style sensibilities of independence, authenticity, and non-conformity. She embraces color and volume in order to create truly unique clothing.
Visit her site at to learn more


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