New accessories in the boutique …..Today

The lace with satin ties are lace foot covers to go over your shoes and they can tie in the front or the back with a bow or just a knot. The earrings are a one of a kind made out of vintage plastic flowers and the necklaces are one of a kind and made [...]

My look for the day Dec 20th 2010

Today we are going back to 1923

“It was probably the adoption of the bicycle by women and their acceptance of golf as a recreation that influenced them to favor the man tailored suit,which made its appearance in England even before 1888. In that year tailored suits for women began to take on an elegance of line and finish that was unexpected [...]

Check it out

Kathleen Hanna

cause kathleen hanna is bad ass.

Just listen
Wish i could have made it out to this event last week in NYC

…..and if you don’t know anything about this amazing person you should go listen to Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and Julie Ruin
It might empower you ……. or you might hate it……..I find it empowering.

Another [...]

Kathleen Hanna is one of the biggest inspirations to my life

Pattern Grading

I have the most amazing talented knowledgeable pattern grader. He is 85 and has been working in the garment industry since the late 40’s when he came back from WW2. He grades all of this patterns by hand still and does an amazing job and he is amazingly fast. He once had his own cutting [...]

Whats on your Christmas list?

I would love a togo couch

Heart Ballet flats by Lanvin

Red shinny Docs!!!

A very cool Silver mirror

Sexy panties

& something that smells amazing
Just thought I would share a few things that are on my list of wants……………