Fashion week PARIS

Fashion week in Paris has begun. Are you keeping up? What trends do you love and hate? What ones will you adapt into your wardrobe? Will it take 2 years till H&M carry’s a knock off before you feel confidant enough to wear it?
Do you ever wake up and look at your self in the [...]

Sewing class starts Monday and Tuesday

Lets go to the MCA

Sometimes it does not have to make sense. That can be one of the many great things about art.
Sometimes when things make too much sense they start to make no sense at all.
Art for art sake
Art for purpose
Art for revolution
Art for beauty
Art for understanding
Art for community
Art for pleasure
Art for communication
What is art to you?

1920 womens institute of domestic arts and sciences

Indeed,personal appearance has much to do with the pleasure derived from sewing, as well as the carefulness with which it is done,especially in the home. No women should ever sit down to sew until she has arranged her hair well and made herself tidy.


….because the use of a Polaroid camera is useful in the fashion industry……..instant photos when you need it for a look board and figuring out the collection or a mood board….even for a model line up…etc…. the list goes on …..the Polaroid camera is needed……
As you might know. ..Polaroid film is going for 50$ a [...]