Summer 2010 studio work

The clothes you wear start somewhere. As a flat piece of paper having the lines perfected or as a scrap of muslin having the stitches put in.
click on the link above to watch a shot clip of work being done in the studio.

Venus girl of the month Anastasia Chatzka

Venus Girl of the Month: Anastasia Chatzka
We chat with the Chicago-based fashion designer, former riot grrrl, and cupcake connoisseur.
By Siera Cerny
Published: June 25th, 2010 | 12:03am
After working with Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui in New York City, Anastasia Chatzka knew she had what it took to get her dream career. She took on the world [...]


Just messing around in the studio. Came up with a few things that I enjoy.


Eric is in the process of cutting out skirts & trying out the color pink with his skin tone.


This weekend has been a blur. Friday was the big fashion show …which was beautiful & a great experience. I started at 9am running around & didn’t stop till midnight after the after party. I don’t have any pictures of the show right now but I will at some point this week I can’t [...]

Fashion show

Please RSVP to attend

If you where going to see Detroit

Detroit as a blur. It’s a bit reflective of how I feel from always going between Chicago & Detroit .
There is a storm moving in on the city this Tuesday morning.