Really?? This is kind of icky

So…. What is this?? I call it ugly…. what do u think?

Things I love

Things I love
I love bows and hearts
I love listening to records
I love going to concerts
I love cupcakes
I love ice cream
I love kittens
I love nature
I love tall shoes
I love sitting at coffee shops
I love taking pictures
I love tights ( i have 300 pairs)
I love vintage clothing and accessories
I love reading and knowing about the past
I love [...]

Sneak peak at the Summer Collection

The dress

So this is the same dress I posted a week ago in the hot pink with gingham & polkadot chiffon . Looks a bit different in the collection fabrics huh?

Sewing in the studio

The girls & I are getting ready for a photoshoot on Monday . Last minuite working….


Fun stuff

Top Shop

Top shop NYC is having a huge sale. Buy one get one free. If you like squinces or didn’t buy Kane when he was featured then you will love the sale. I personally didn’t find anything. I’m digging some of the shoes they have though. Metallic purple 5 inch heels…. Maybe a bit hooker but [...]

Bagels on the train

On the way to premier vision & Brittany is excited to eat her bagel

A new creation in the works

I have attached images of a mock up I’m working on. These are not the correct fabric choices. The fabrics will be gray & purple chiffon with lace

Sewing on Mondays

Sewing classes with Anastasia