Im selling all my vintage!!! At my studio!

I decided to purge my wardrobe & collection of vintage & non vintage clothing. It is all up for sale in my loft for 2 weeks. It is located at 1259 n Milwaukee Chicago il 60622. Just call before you stop by to make sure that I am there. I am mainly there 11am till [...]

Models needed

I know some one who is looking for models to model in a fashion show Dec 26th. If your 5′8 or taller and a 2/4 email me.

Hair pieces

So i have noticed over the last year or so that I have been making headbands and fancy hair pieces…there seems to be an over whelming amount of other designers doing the same. Isn’t it funny how it seems that when you start to do something and you notice the style or influence all over [...]

Alex in the scraps

After a long day in the studio we turned to the scrap bin for entertainment.


Went to be inspired

S/S 2010

Inspiration is as follows:
Moments caught in time by a photo
Family photos from early 1900’s
Soft colors
When day turns into night
Volume & Movement


There is an emotional connection with photos that bring a deep feeling into my insides. A good photo can take you back to a moment with a feeling and smell connected to it. (There is one smell that will bring me back to a time when I was 16 & everything i went through. Its [...]

Come take a sewing class with me

Sewing Classes in Wicker Park Fashion Design Studio
Taught by Designer Anastasia Chatzka
Studio location
1259 N. Milwaukee
Floor 3
Chicago IL 60622
What will we sew?
There will be two types of classes. One for people who have never worked on a sewing machine before (sewing 1) and one for intermediate and advanced sewers (sewing 2)
These classes are designed to [...]

Party girls

As most of you know…I love Godiva!

Check out the store in Harajuku, Japan! This is amazing! Click on the image to see more pics.