1st Day with Flip MinoHD…

Hey everyone! We are now doing video too! Yes, I have posted vid’s before to my blog, but that was from my camera and limited to 60sec. Well, today while Sean was out, he came home with a new addition to help market me…the Flip MinoHD.
Yes, that’s right…ME IN HD! Well, 720p HD, whatever that [...]

Im in love with today

Today is one of the first nice days of the Spring. It has me feeling super positive and amazing!! I woke up early and went for a bike ride on the lake front and came back to the studio and now I am ready to create amazing things. It feels so good to be out [...]

Adventureland the movie

Adventureland was a movie I recommend seeing. There was something about it that touched me. What?.. I don’t know. Cause it was a silly love story of sorts about being 23 and working a summer job. I think it was the under laying problems throughout the movie. Or maybe it was the song pale blue [...]

Summer fun for all

Just thought I would post some of the photos of me in the summer collection if you have not seen them yet.

I love this dress

I think I need to design a dress like this.


Have you ever sewn over your finger? Well Tiffany did and it was the craziest thing ever. I was sewing behind her and all of a sudden I hear in a frantic voice ” I sewed over my finger. There is a needle in my finger.” At first it didn’t register to me what she [...]


You can never have enough belts. Big ones,small ones,wide ones, thin ones, bright ones and plenty of red ones.

My phrase for the day

After watching a movie on John Galliano…… the most  touching thing said was the simplest.
“Do what you believe in”

The New I phone word press sucks!

So I have not updated my blog lately because the new word press for my i phone does not work …. Blah… So I have to update from the desktop. I just have to get use to this.
The most exciting news to date is that I am checking out a store front on Monday for [...]