Down with Lauren Conrad

The world is finally coming to its senses considering Lauren Conrads clothing line has been halted due to poor design. Her clothes have not been selling in stores like Kitson and Bloomingdales. I’m and jumping up and down with joy because people like that who think they have a name in the papers and can [...]


A movie everyone should see if they are remotely interested in fashion is a new documentry on Valentino. It is 94 minutes of in depth footage of his fashion life & relationship with his partner of 45 years. It really gives you the utmost respect for the world of haute couture which is becoming a [...]

Models needed

If any one knows any one who would make a good model let me know. I’m looking for some one tall & thin . Go figure right. If she is at least 5′9 & a 33/34 bust & a waist of 26 or under send her my way. I’m looking for some one cutesy & [...]


The lovely coffee shop is my new favorite coffee shop in Chicago. Yes, it is called Lovely! Look how my mocha foam looks! I love hearts! Nothing like a mocha & a huge cupcake for an afternoon pick-me-up.


On my adventure down town yesturday I found it funny that macys was promoting color. Considering when there buyers where viewing my collection last summer they where commenting on how my garments where just so bright. They just didn’t know how to react to all of my color. All I have to say macys is [...]

1 2 or 3 ?

If you where going to put these fabrics in order from favorite to least favorite how would you order them?


We are going to burn your eyes out with our dresses

You pick

What fabric colorway do you like the best?

Shop Chicago

Shop Chicago was an exciting event as always. I have to say that I was a bit disapponted that they got rid of the open bar. I feel that customers really enjoyed that last time. There wasn’t a salon doing hair either. The event this time lacked interesting things for the consumer to partake in. [...]

Shop Chicago

At shop Chicago with my interns