Late S/S 09 photoshoot

Eye candy

Summer love part 2

Another dress in the works that I can’t wait to wear.


WWD just adds up like crazy! My new goal is to read, clip & trash.

Bird in a suit

When I was in Paris I came across a window display of a mannequin in a suit with a bird head. Today when looking through WWD I came across an insperation photo from Yeohlee of a bird in a suit. How odd…

Summer love

I just love this dress & can’t wait for summer to wear this new collection.

Sean at coffee

Sean with a morning cup.


Yesturday Sean & I scoped out the D&A show. The result being I would like to show at an upcoming date. Which one I am unsure of at the moment but we talked to a few people & have a good vibe for the show. Although the show had a few too many t-shirt booths. [...]


Yestutday after landing we went to the garment district to pick up shinny spandex for the sturip pants & weights. Sean had never seen so much spandex unless at a bike race. I also stoped at Anna Sui & said hi to Akiko. I miss her so much!
We also went to soho & went shopping. [...]


The flight into NYC was beautiful & I have a few photos to share.

My ceiling

Today was a lovely day in the studio with the sun coming in. I can’t wait for spring! I really want to wear light beautiful clothes again. I’m so tired of wearing warm clothes & still being cold in the studio. My 100 year old builing just dosent hold the warmth. It does have lovely [...]