Runway Detroit

I will be apart of this amazing evening showing one of my collections. I hope everyone has the opportunity to purchase tix & have a lovely evening.

The gray city

The city sits still in a Sunday morning with the heavy sheet of gray sinking closer & closer to the ground before it breaks into a million particles of moisture littering the air with drops water.


A selection of trims to be used in the SS13 collection

The new gown collection

Working on a new gown for the SS13 collection. This is one of 5 that I will be designing. The goal is to make light & airy gowns that are still fancy but modern. I’m skipping out on the 10 layers of under construction like you would have worn 400 years ago.

Tea time

For valentines day I went to the MCA to check out the new exhibit. ?. They had a good selection of guerrilla girls work/videos which I enjoyed. I remember seeing them back at CCS in 2001/2…. I can’t believe that was 10 years ago! Yikes!
After the MCA Sean & I went to the peninucil for [...]